Husker Game Day

Oct 4, 2021


The is nothing like a great Husker win to make a Nebraska fall evening even more beautiful.  October will also bring substantial changes to the Lied Place project.  Our 280 foot tall construction crane is slated to come down by the end of the month.  After being in place for two years the heavy lifting portion of construction has been completed.  All the installation of the windows is within a couple of weeks of being completed except for the two story tall first floor building lobby and restaurant areas.  Installation of glass in those areas will be completed once the crane and buck hoists (the exterior construction elevators) are fully removed.

A couple of items to watch on the project site for those purchasers in the Lincoln area.  Look for the removal of the massive 16’ by 16’ solid concrete base of the construction crane.  The Q street corners on the Embassy Suite and Kinko/Fedex sides which are also part of the Lied Place project should be completed this month.  The remaining site work along the entire north Q street side in front of the project is well underway.  After the placement of the two story windows and three story granite exterior, watch for the placement of the heating elements under the sidewalk area which will include both of the adjacent City Q Street parking garage entrances.

Interior finish on the lower level units is nearing completion.  Work on the two residential elevators and the one service elevators is scheduled to be completed before December.  Certificate of occupancy from the City is still planned in January.  The start of transferring residential units to their new owners is still anticipated by the end of January.